Committing to Penn State on 3/7/18 during a NJ nor’easter.

I am a fifth year undergraduate geography student at The Pennsylvania State University. I switched out of meteorology in the Spring 2022 semester. Geography is also in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, so I am happy that I’m staying within the college. Despite not being able to earn a degree in Meteorology, I hope to use the knowledge and skills that I have learned in the classes I have taken into my Geography classes and into whatever job I might get after graduation.

In addition pursuing my Bachelor of Science in Geography, I also intend to minor in Climatology and IST for EMS. I expect to graduate in the Summer 2023 semester. I am passionate about tropical weather, severe thunderstorms, and winter weather. I also have interests in anthropogenic climate change (especially with regards to the Cryosphere) and environmental conservation/protection, as well as learning how to make maps in Matlab, Python, ESRI ArcGIS Online/Desktop, and QGIS. Digital photography/videography is also another passion of mine. I also enjoy watching the NYY/NYG/NJD.

Me admiring my first “weather station” in 2007.
Beaver Stadium, Penn State University (10/2018)

My passion for the weather started when I was seven years old. Recent weather events, in particular Superstorm Sandy in 2012, leading up to college got the ball rolling on my decision to pursue a degree in Meteorology, which is now a degree in Geography. Penn State was the only school I applied to for Meteorology. The others I applied to were for Computer Science. Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York was my favorite college I visited and applied too. That would have been the school I committed to if I did not end up visiting the meteorology department at Penn State. My currently interested in anthropogenic climate change, specifically in the following fields:

  • Extreme weather (floods, hurricanes, droughts, heat waves)
  • Cryosphere (changes in Arctic/Antarctic Sea Ice / Ice Sheets)
  • Influence of changing sea ice / Arctic Amplification on the Midlatitude Jet Stream

My first professional weather station. Operational since March 2018.
January 2021 – CoCoRaHS rain gauge mounted next to my Davis Vantage Pro 2