Check out my Coding Projects page to see some of the projects I’ve done for METEO 273 (Matlab), METEO 473 (Python), and GEOG 497 (Cryosphere and Climate Systems). My figures can be found here or on my GitHub Page. Below, are some of my professional works I’ve done for various classes and my internship with The Energy Geek. Last modified: Dec 14, 2023 @ 11:26 am

Professional Works

Websites I’ve Managed

  • April 2021 – April 2022: Dr. Michael E. Mann’s Website (Added links to climate news, commentaries, and interviews, as well as added reviews and quotes, for The New Climate War and The Tantrum That Saved The World. I was also responsible for adding upcoming events, fixing outdated links, and transferring files to the server from Dr. Mann’s old website. I also updated his Curriculum Vitae and Published Articles pages).
  • May 2020 – August 2020: Climate Science REU Website (created projects page including for the summer 2020 REU and previous REUs, updated faculty table, added page navigation, updated contact information, updated pictures).

Penn State Department of Meteorology

Professional Work. Technical Support Advisor for Penn State's 2020 Climate Science REU Program
Technical Support Advisor for the
2020 Climate Science REU Program

Featured Weather Photos/Videos and Tweets

February 2022 Snow Squall at Penn State (ABC News)

Hurricane Sam Progress GIF on Twitter (The Sun)