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Importance of the Earth’s Ice Sheets

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My video on the importance of the Earth’s Ice Sheets, how climate change is affecting them, and how that’s affecting the rest of the world. TweetShareSharePin

Should World Governments Spray SO2 to Combat Climate Change?

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Article on the viability of stratospheric aerosol injections to fight climate change.

Penn State Geography 497 – Arctic Amplification

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Here is my full presentation on Arctic Amplification for my Geography 497 course at Penn State (Cryosphere and Climate Systems). Link to the attachment page. TweetShareSharePin

IPCC releases alarming report for North America

Climate Change impacts for North America as per the latest IPCC report

NJ Climate Change Investments and Executive Order 221

Governor Phil Murphy announced an investment of $100+ million in clean, equitable transportation projects that will improve air quality and reduce the effects of climate change while moving NJ towards 100% clean energy by 2050. Leveraging proceeds from NJ’s participation… Continue Reading →

Hurricanes and Climate Change – Fall 2018

Penn State EMSC 100S – Climate Change and Potential Societal Impacts TweetShareSharePin

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