Our weather pattern over the next couple weeks is intriguing as several teleconnection oscillations and patterns become more favorable for stormier and/or colder weather. We do have a storm, possibly impactful, coming for Monday/Tuesday next week, but it is not going to line up with the increasingly favorable pattern. I will talk about that storm in another post shortly.

After this storm, the Arctic Oscillation will head towards its negative phase (allows for cold air to spill into the mid-latitudes) between December 7th – 13th. The North Atlantic Oscillation will also head towards its negative phase (sets up blocking in the North Atlantic, specifically Greenland, which will aid in jamming the Jet Stream). The Pacific-North American Pattern will become positive (ridging becomes favored over the western U.S., which results in troughing becoming favored over the eastern U.S.).

The eastern U.S. will likely experience colder and possibly stormier weather with this setup, and we may see a winter storm or two during this timeframe. The Stratospheric Polar Vortex also appears to get stretched as it warms rapidly and moves towards Greenland/Canada. We could see some arctic air work its way into the northeast during the end of this timeframe as the Polar Vortex gets disrupted by the transport of warm air.